First Authorship Gender Gap in the Geosciences
Earth and Space Science, 2020


"Although gender parity has been reached at the graduate level in the geosciences, women remain a minority in faculty positions. First authorship of peer-reviewed scholarship is a measure of academic success and is often used to project potential in the hiring process. Given the importance of first author publications for hiring and advancement, we sought to quantify whether women are underrepresented as first authors relative to their representation in the field of geoscience."

GEODES serves the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz

We aim to provide a safe space that fosters community and mutual support among the entire Earth and Planetary Science Department: including faculty members, researchers, staff, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates.

GEODES presents unique networking opportunities between students and faculty within the Earth and Planetary Science department. We also facilitate professional development events for Earth Science students, often engaging the larger Bay Area geoscience community.

We help raise awareness of issues known to limit the participation and success of women and other minorities in geosciences. We also provide strategies to address these issues through workshops that include open dialogue and sharing experiences.

Race and racism in the geosciences

Nature Geoscience, 2019


"Geoscientists in the United States are predominantly White. Progress towards diversification can only come with a concerted shift in mindsets and a deeper understanding of the complexities of race."

Male researchers’ ‘vague’ language more likely to win grants

Nature, 2019


"Grant reviewers favor ‘broad’ words used more often by men, but proposals using those terms don’t produce better research."

GEODES currently has opportunities for graduate & undergraduate students to get involved! Contact us if you are interested in helping further our mission.

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"Mountain of molehills" facing women geoscientists

Eos, 2017


Article outlining subtle biases women face and strategies for knocking down barriers

Gender bias in publications

Nature, September 29, 2016

Race and gender affect science credibility

ScienceDaily, February 25, 2016


Race and gender affect assessments of scientists' credibility.